Brand Identity & Perception

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Let Us Help Create or Refresh Your Brand Identity

Q.What if I I don't have the time or energy?

A. I help guide and facilitate three rounds of edits to create a branding guide that includes logos for print, embroidery, digital and fonts to keep your brand on message.

Q.How much do logos and branding guides costs?

A. You have three options:
  1. 99 Designs and I help get you an affordable option. (Around $1000)
  2. We internally create a logo and Branding Guide (around $3500)
  3. I use a high-end professional service that specializes branding guides and logo creation. (Around $10-$20k)

Q.Can you help create a Social Media presence? Like a business page on LinkedIn. Or update my employees personal LinkedIn Pages.

A. We use your assets across your social sites to make sure there is brand consistency. It is crucial to your brand identity.

Once Completed, Our Clients Should Feel...

new icon consistent


Everything is tied together.

new icon fresh


Current with the times.

new icon perceived value


Clients have more trust


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Our Process

new icon discovery

Discovery Session

Understand your desired perception.

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Execute & Review

Three rounds of edits to get your brand exactly where you want it.

icon housekeeping


Use this asset to update social media pages, business cards and websites, etc.